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Singla Enterprises have begun its journey on April 10, 2006. Firstly, Singla Enterprises has tied up with Telecom Company for Verification and Collection. Later On, Singla Enterprises have linked up with many Banks, Telecom Companies , Private Companies for CPV (Contact Point Verification), RCU/FCU (Risk and Fraud control unit), DV(Document Verification), Audit and Collection. By rapid pace, Singla Enterprises covers many of the banks of Barnala District and Sangrur District.In 2008, Singla Enterprises has opened its new office in Chandigarh and ties up with Banks, Telecom Companies , Private Companies. From 2006 to the present day, Singla Enterprises is working hard to achieve great heights, Speed, accuracy and respect for you and your business is guaranteed.

  • We all guarantee accuracy in figuring out by using complex software,an approved checklist for evaluating, competent staff to apply it and a compliance manager who executes a final audit.
  • We guarantee impartiality in controlling conflicts by using skilled and informed staff, not really involve in the conflict, to resolve the problems by hand.
  • We guarantee confidentiality regarding published client evidence by choosing utmost care that the evidence in not revealed to any third party.

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About Us

Singla Enterprises is a total solution based company. "SE" verification agency provides verification services to support and assisting bank and other financial organizations in different parts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

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SCO 60,Second Floor,Sector 26,Chandigarh 160026
Phone Number:+91-9888030192
Email: cpvchd@gmail.com