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Our Services

Singla Enterprises is a best verification agency in Chandigarh which offers various services to their clients.
The services offered by Singla Enterprises are following:--

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Field Investigation

The team of Singla Enterprises helps to conduct Contact Point Verifications/Field Investigation with due diligence at the minimum Recovery times.

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Risk / Fraud Control Unit

Our anti-fraud employees can specifically monitor the banking system for fraud and other threats that may negatively impact an institution.

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Document Verification

Singla Enterprises has experience in validating the documents submitted by their clients by visiting them in their corresponding addresses.

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Collections and Audits

There is generally a separate staff for Money Collections, Cheque Pick Ups, Hard Collection and PDC Exhaust Collections of clients and Audits Services.

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Company Profile Check

We help to collect all the information regarding companies, like total number of employees,company financial status, address and web site of companies.

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Credit Processing Agency

Singla Enterprises offers best services to our clients and financial companies regarding the proper detail process of credit cards.

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Address Verification

Singla Enterprises offer best services to our financial institutions by providing the proper information of our clients's Address.

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Employment Verification

The team of Singla Enterprises expert in collecting information about their candidate's work history in their respective fields.

Our Presence

Singla Enterprises offer best verification services to their clients in the various part of India like Delhi,
Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pardesh. We offer Document Verification, Address verification, Employment Verification,
Criminal record Check, Company Profile Check, Services Audits, Credit Cards Processing, Risk/Fraud Control and Field Investigation.

Why Choose us?

Singla Enterprises is managed by professional staff who are well experienced in their respective field. We are providing the highest level of customer service to the clients to deliver the best result.Our clients are the top priority of our dedicated team. Singla Enterprises is a well-known reputed agency in northern region to provide better services to their clients regarding the Document verification, Field Investigation,Risk / Fraud Control Unit and Cash collections.

verification agencies in punjab
verification agencies in punjab

About Us

Singla Enterprises is a total solution based company. "SE" verification agency provides verification services to support and assisting banks and other financial organizations in different parts of PAN Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

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SCO 60,Second Floor,Sector 26,Chandigarh 160026
Phone Number:+91-9888030192